In the early 1970s six young men came to a small western Pennsylvania town to attend Grove City College.  They formed a musical group there that became the most sought after band on that campus.
The band members came from different geographical locations and diverse walks of life. By the time the members met, each had groomed different musical styles. Yet, during their first practices it became apparent that  they were developing an unusual chemistry and a unique sound.  As one record company exec later stated,  "they don't sound like anybody else!"  As they continued working on their original material they sensed that something special was being created.  The fusion of their different backgrounds and musical genres became in effect .. different roads leading to this one place. Thus, the band was appropriately named Junction Pa.
Needing a place to practice several hours a day, the band cleaned out and utilized a local chicken coup. It was there that a New York music type discovered Junction. Within a few months they cut an album and were offered a national recording contract.  Ultimately, Junction turned it down.  New York music execs screamed, "this is unprecedented!"   Junction continued to tour developing a large fan base while sharing the stage with Glass Harp, BE Taylor and other national acts.  
Over the years they remained close, occasionally getting together to play some of the songs they had recorded as well as trying out some new ones to see what their combined efforts might generate.  In 2011 these "jam" sessions came to full fruition as four of the original members met together to record some of this new material. They also began touring again showcasing their signature vocals/harmony on these outstanding original songs.  
Junction PA is currently playing out a busy 2016 schedule and planning for more in 2017.
Tom Barron: Bass / vocals
Jeff DeGroff:  Percussion / keyboard / vocals
Dave Sickafuse: Keyboard / vocals
Bryan Teeters: Drums / vocals

Gary Stembal:

Guitar / flute / vocals
James Willaman:

Lead Guitar / vocals

  Ben Anderton           Sound Engineer
Keep checking out the website for samples of Junction's music. If you wish to order the upcoming album, get the latest news or booking information on  Junction feel free to contact  them via the website. Thank you for your interest. 

 Junction PA Copyright 2016